#Cloud.Paris & PCA-Stream

Transcription of the video:

"Why? I mean why Kvadrat?

There is this dimension of research, of innovation in the texture, in the quality, sometimes physical quality and aesthetic at the same time and this dimension of innovative, yet trendy and hyped is something that is quite hard to do very well.

What is interesting with Soft Cells, is that you can have a very sophisticated product from an acoustic point of view, the mechanics of it is perfect!

And then you have all the richness of the fabrics of Kvadrat, that can be part of the decoration.

The wall of the lobby for instance where a decorative choice, very much part of the color and the ambiance we wanted and at the same time it was solving the problem of the acoustics in this very large, very huge space that we wanted to be more intimate, more cozy.

Another case, like our own offices. We moved in without any acoustic device and some of the rooms where very uncomfortable, because of the reverberation of the noise.

Then we installed Soft Cells and it was an amazing change of ambience. Suddenly all the sound was soft with no vibration and it clearly changed the atmosphere.

One of the rooms especially where the interior designers are sitting where one of the noisiest room of the whole agency.
We put the Soft Cells in and suddenly became the most quiet and relaxed room.

When you have the chance to try without and after, it is a very clear impact."


- Philippe Chiambaretta, Founder & CEO of PCA-STREAM


Read about how Soft Cells where installed for both an aesthetic and acoustical solution for #Cloud.Paris