So, you had a wooden floor, a hard ceiling and it was like sitting in an echo box. I wasn’t very pleasant.

Without an existing restaurant that had very, very poor sound quality we wouldn’t actually have been given the chance to make a new extension to Helm AG.

One of the most important issues was in fact to create a space with excellent acoustic qualities.

A conference area is a fine tuned acoustic environment and equally important as an interior designer or architect in a conference area, is an acoustic engineer. So, you have to have that from day one.

If you don’t understand that, the room will not work.

You know, a conference room for example is a high-tech environment and that for us also was a great challenge.

We decided to use Soft Cells as suspended ceiling concept and also Soft Cells behind me. These are all doors that open for storage behind.

So, there was tricky technical requirements to incorporate different elements that a conference room needs.

I have a long-standing relationship with Kvadrat.

The end result is something that we are very happy with.

- Martin Murphy, Partner at Störmer Murpy and Partners