La Manufacture Design

Transcription of the video:

"La Manufacture Design is in an old train factory.

It was very important for us to respect this industrial feeling, outside and inside the place. And we have always worked with Soft Cells.

It was very interesting for us to combine elegance and efficiency in terms of acoustics.

The acoustic panels are everywhere in this place. They are from the entrance to the restaurant, and of course the resting areas and the meeting rooms.

What we like about using Kvadrat Soft Cells is the creativity of the product. We’ve known the product since maybe 5 – 7 years and we have used it in many projects all around Europe.

Each project was an opportunity to think about a new way to use it. Use it in a creative way. Of course, using colour, because colour is a part of Kvadrat and you have thousands of colours that you can use.

We organised the panels around the lighting and around radiant heating panels. They are combined to offer, in each room, the best quality of light and the best quality of heating and comfort in acoustics."

- Boris Gentine, Creative Director & Associate at Saguez & Partners