Nordisk Film Cinemas

When working with a cinema it’s very important to, very early on, take the acoustics into account.

The sooner you choose which kind of acoustic absorbent you want in a space. The more complete the space can become further on.

Whatever design feature we place within the cinematic space, it has to serve as a backdrop for what is being projected on the big screen.

We also believe that it’s very important for the spectator to enter and depart with a certain atmospheric and perhaps even haptic idea of the space.

And Soft Cells was chosen as the solution because this element, this framework has so many unique details. It works perfectly in the acoustic dimension, it works perfectly on the construction and mounting phase, it has very very few limitations towards shape and size.

It can provide this backdrop that you don’t realise, but it still gives you a sense of place and a sense of mood.

We would use Soft Cells in other projects for sure, because it has these unique qualities that are not entitled to a cinema space. It could just as easily be an office or a large space. It could even be the detailing of a wall instead of a large painting or something else.

And the benefits you get from hanging Soft Cells on the wall is not only its visual appearance, but also its technical and physical abilities.

- Anders Nielsen, Architect at Confect

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