Soft Cells

Soft Cells are acoustic panels that deliver up to Class A sound absorption. They can be mounted both on walls and ceilings. Available in a wide choice of Kvadrat textiles and fully customisable, they can be seamlessly integrated into any design scheme.

Soft Cells bring acoustic comfort, aesthetic excellence and tactile surfaces into a space. In doing so, they provide a solution to the acoustic challenges of modern architecture and promote productivity. 

Soft Cells frames are made with a minimum of 50% recycled aluminium. They include a patented tensioning mechanism, which ensures they are unaffected by temperature or humidity for many years. 

Soft Cells Standard

Soft Cells Standard rely on two layers of tensioned textile to control sound. Typically, this version offers Class-C sound absorption, as per ISO 11654.


Soft Cells Broadline

Soft Cells Broadline panels incorporate acoustic padding behind a textile layer. Typically, this model offers Class-A broadband sound absorption, as per ISO 11654. 


Soft Cells Lowtone

Soft Cells Lowtone panels have a specially developed glass textile membrane behind a tensioned front fabric layer, and deliver excellent acoustic performance concentrated in the low and mid range frequencies – from 125 Hz upwards.



Elements by Kvadrat Soft Cells is a simple, modular system of acoustic panels that help improve sound quality in offices, meeting rooms or any other interior spaces.


Philips Large Luminous Surfaces

Combining Philips’ leadership in ambient lighting with Kvadrat Soft Cells’ expertise in controlling sound absorption the panels feature LEDs behind the front textile layer of a Kvadrat Soft Cells frame.