Korn Ferry HQ

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Korn Ferry International is a world-leading Executive Search and Talent Management consultancy. Recently the company moved their German headquarters to the ‘Gentle’ building in Frankfurt.

The 5,500 sqm refurbished offices provide a harmonious working environment. To achieve this goal, the architects reconciled minimalistic design with optimal acoustic conditions.

Inside the headquarters, homogeneous room qualities are derived from a heterogeneous office landscape. Rooms become spaces for motivation, creativity, spontaneity and flexibility – while also making it easy to concentrate.


Soft Cells Broadline panels are used in offices and meeting rooms on walls and in ceilings. All are fitted with magnets.
A number of the ceiling panels have incorporated cut-outs to fit the smoke and sprinkler system. The textiles used are Soft Cells Broadline, Casa 122

The Soft Cells meet all the design and physical requirements of the building, in an ideal way. The precision and detail they offer is unique. Consequently, their aesthetic and qualitative performance is very high.
Beate Weller

Architecture and design

Büro Weller & ATP, Offenbach