La Part Dieu, Metro station

Lyon, France

Custom designed Soft Cells are used in the entrance hall at the Part Dieu metro station in Lyon. This caters to visitors to La Part Dieu, a major shopping centre in the city’s 3rd arrondissment.

The station gets very busy during peak hours. This, combined with the hard, shiny stone floor, meant an acoustic solution for creating a calmer, more peaceful atmosphere was needed.


150 specially designed Soft Cells Broadline panels hang from the ceiling. The panels, which are in orange and white, create a contrast with the shiny stone floor. They ensure a much more comfortable acoustic environment for metro-users.


Architects and design
Christophe Vergnaux CV2A Saguez & Partners


"We wanted to find a design, which was soft and welcoming, and avoid straight angles and hard materials. Though the round shapes that we wanted to create were not yet developed, Kvadrat Soft Cells said: 'Let’s see what we can do.' Then we got the first prototype made by the Design Director during a weekend in the middle of his holiday! We were astonished by the result."


Mauro Davoli